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Plan Tackles Election Reform, Corruption, and Campaign Finance

New York, NY – Attorney General candidate Leecia Eve today announced her plan to address election reform, corruption, and campaign finance reform as part of a platform to bolster public integrity in New York State. Eve’s plan will strengthen New York’s voting laws, aggressively target public corruption, replace JCOPE with an independent body, and create a more level playing field for political candidates, among other initiatives.

“New York State has been a progressive leader in ensuring our rights as citizens are protected, from civil rights to the women’s rights movement and the LGBTQ community, among others. As Attorney General, I will fearlessly and effectively continue in this tradition,” said Leecia Eve. “But when it comes to our voting laws and issues of corruption and campaign finance, we have a long way to go – and that’s on us.”

Leecia Eve’s Public Integrity Platform

Election Reform

  • Implement early voting
  • Establish Election Day registration
  • Require automatic registration at state government agencies with an ability to opt-out
  • Pre-register 16- and 17-year olds when applying for a DMV permit or license
  • Institute “no-excuses” absentee balloting
  • Require primary polls in ALL counties be open from 6 am to 9 pm so that voters across New York have an equal opportunity to vote
  • Codify the automatic restoration of voting rights for New Yorkers on parole
  • Dramatically shorten New York’s party registration deadline – the most restrictive in the nation – to enable millions more New Yorkers to vote in primaries

Ethics Reform

  • Aggressively investigate and prosecute public corruption
  • Replace JCOPE and the Legislative Ethics Commission with an independent, non-partisan commission – the New York State Government Integrity Commission
  • Investigate and prosecute sexual harassment in state government
  • Ban outside income and increase state legislator salaries

Campaign Finance Reform

  • Establish public financing of campaigns
  • Close the LLC loophole

Leecia Eve continued: “For most of my life, I have championed policies to improve our political system. From the time I was a little girl helping my dad register people to vote to working on game-changing pieces of federal legislation like the Count Every Vote Act and the Violence Against Women Act, I have fought for real progressive change. As Attorney General, our office will crack down on abuses of power that erode public faith in government, and we will empower New Yorkers with the tools they need to engage in a more open and transparent electoral process.”